5 Things to Expect from Louis Fame A1 Mens Spring/Summer 2018 Collection Show

Men’s fashion in Cameroon is about to take a whole new look thanks to fashion designer Louis Fame and the launch of his A1 Mens Spring/Summer 2018 Collection on August 5 in Buea.

Through out the month of July, the very shy Louis Fame and his team have been prepping for this exclusive event as they expect nothing short of perfection. The designer has been posting behind-the-scenes pictures and videos highlighting details and electric spirit of the collection, and the amount of preparation going into it.

While you wait for Louis Fame‘s upcoming collection to hit the runway, get 5 tiny details about the much anticipated fashion show here.

  1. There will be 14 professional models to walk the runway at the Louis fame A1 Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection fashion show on August 5 at the prestigious Mountain Hotel. The famous designer says, there was serious scrutiny during the model selection process.
  2. There will be 2 showcases with each of the 14 professional models walking the runway twice. But that’s not all, Louis Fame says his runway will take the form of a Y-shape… just as it was done at the recent Versace fashion show. For this reason, all focus in the room will be on the runway because it will be lit!
  3. Famous visual artist, Ndedi Asek is partnering with Louis Fame to showcase his first ever runway work. This will be the first time, the visual artist will display his craft on a fashion runway in Cameroon. According o inside sources, both men will be doing a collection together.
  4. Why call it Spring/Summer Collection? Louis Fame explains that his clothing brand is following the international fashion calendar. “We are not making clothes for Africa alone. Our brand is an international brand not an African brand.” That being said, expect rich, vintage, urban and contemporary designs on the runway to suit whoever,a round the world.
  5. Louis Fame will have a music-meets-fashion themed event with special guest performances from the entire Alpha Better Records team including Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Askia and Blais B.

Credit: DCodedTV

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