Louis Fame Makes Runway Debut with A1 Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Louis Fame has made his runway debut by launching his much anticipated “A1 Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection” and the stars were present to witness the merge of fashion and art/painting in the most beautiful way on August 5 at Mountain Hotel, Buea.

Cameroonian celebrities touched down the Mountain Hotel in Buea for the Louis Fame A1 Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection fashion show, Saturday night and the red carpet was lit with famous faces and eye popping designs.

Stars poured out their support for the popular designer as he made his runway debut with a collection he’s worked so hard and for so long to finally display to the general public.

Louis Fame began his career back in 2008 and officially in 2014 when he moved to Buea. But for the last couple of years, he’s been dressing the big names in entertainment which only made him more popular and respected in both the fashion and entertainment worlds.

The highlight of the fashion show was the collaboration between fashion and art on the runway which brought together Louis Fame and talented visual artist, Ndedi Asek to create some of the most beautiful crafted works on any runway in Cameroon.

“I love Louis Fame and how he related to art. I have always admired his work and when he came up with the idea of us created something together for this fashion show, it was really a pleasant surprise,” Asek reveals to us. 

“I wanted to do something different while sticking with my fashion. Collaborating with Asek is like a dream come true for me because i really do admire what he does and working with him was such an honor,” Louis Fame explains to us. 

Enjoy exclusive pictures from the Louis Fame A1 Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection fashion show below and tell us what you think… Would you wear a Louis Fame Clothing now?

Credit: DCodedTV

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